Monday, January 23, 2012

Deutschland!!! Black, Red, and Gold

January 11 has made 4 months since I have been in Germany. I think I am at that point here I have enough experiences to share about my time spent here. So I am going to do it by topics; if you guys have any questions or topics that you think I should speak on do not hesitate to leave a comment.
Where are you Melissa?
I live in Garmisch-Partenkirchen (GAP), which is a small town in Southern Germany. It is in the state of Bavaria and is home to the highest mountain in Germany—the Zugspitze. The hypen is there because GAP use to be two separate entities until they were forced by Adolf Hitler to come together in 1935 in anticipation for the 1936 Winter Olympics. OK! Enough with the history lesson—I live in the Abrams which is dorm style housing provided by the hotel that I work for. The Abrams is a renovated hospital; not any kind of hospital but a Nazi Hospital. No, No, No there aren’t swastika’s hanging around all over but some rooms have sinks where operations use to take place. I have a roommate her name is Sarah. She is HE-LARRY-US! If you have seen Bridesmaids, my roommate is Annie, they act Exactly Alike! It’s quite an adjustment going from having your own apartment to sharing a TINY room. But imp in Germany! Paying no RENT can’t complain right?
Bavarian Cuisine is delicious—depending on the time of day. When I went to the Leonhardi Bad Tolz, I had a Weibwurst with pretzel and sweet mustard—Das Nicht Gud! Most sausages are made of pork so I generally have to sample and I pray I don’t get sick off that.
Water comes in two forms here—with gas, and without gas---oh yea let’s not forget about Tap water. But that has to be specified because water is not free as it is in the states. For instance, if you go to a restaurant the water comes in a fancy slender glass bottle.
What can I say about German beer? STRONG! HEAVY! CHEAP! Yup that’s the best way I can describe it. Beers consumed in Bavaria is Helles, Dunkels (which is dark) and Weiss—from what I can remember. I am not a big beer drinker. But I have learned a thing or two from my roommate who is an advent beer drinker. One thing that has surprised me was the fact that Beer is cheaper than water.
Germans are efficient. They are punctual, clean, and strict. Just with the time I spent here I found that Germans they are very environmentally conscious for instance in the grocery stores they don’t provide plastic bags or they charge an extra .25 euro for bottles when you purchase them in hopes that that will persuade you to bring the bottles back to get your money back---but helping the environment all at the same time.
Europeans in general dress fairly well, so I don’t have a problem with clothing. German men like black women from what I hear, from what I know or experienced they are “interested” in black women. Kind of like how I am interested in them. So I was talking to this German who shouldn’t really count because visually he looked German (blonde hair, piercing blue eyes) but he considered himself Bolivian. He spoke fluent Spanish, his mother was Bolivian but his father was German who wasn’t really involved in his life. But anyway he was what he liked to call “Macho”---which is a very manly man. Did I agree? Yeah, he was pretty manly handled all his responsibilities, I mean how much more manly can you get being a Lumberjack? Lukas (his name) was amazing for the time that we spent with each other, but we ended on not so good terms. This resulting from his childish way of saying good-bye which essentially DID NOT make him “Macho” to me. Eww let me stop a bitch is sounding a lil bit bitter...mmm.
Another topic that has brought plenty amusement to my roommate and I is circumcision. So it’s been brought to my knowledge that Europeans—Germans DO NOT get circumcised!!! This has is mostly due to their religion of Catholicism but I feel that Europe is pretty civilized and cultured---even the most primitive parts of Africa circumcised their boys! Any whom it’s just came as a very giant shock to me.
GERMAN MEN CAN DRINK!!!!! My historical black college graduating from ass was ill-prepared for the amount of alcohol consumed by Germans. They drink on their lunch break and still return to work functional. They can party until 8am in the morning and still mention an after party to go too! With their disco techs (that’s their name for clubs) and their techno music. What I found funny, which I am not sure if it’s true or not it’s illegal to play more than 30 percent of German music in German, now I do not if that’s true but what I can attest to is that they  play the most American Music you can possibly think of. You come to Germany expecting to hear some music traditional music and you’re listening to Nicki Minaj.
Well I can’t think of any more topics right now…but if you have any questions I will be more than happy to answer!!

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