Saturday, October 8, 2011

One Big Room, Full of Bad Bitches

Can you guess where that line is from? Well if so place a comment. So this post is dedicated to all the Bad Bitches in my life. I have a great deal of friends and family that influence my lifestyle. The first BAD LADY in my life is my mother. Boy, do I love that woman! She is my rock, she is my everything really. She is so supportive yet annoying (lol), but I can't do without her. She always asks me if I am her daughter because we are nothing alike. But my mother is hilarious--just like me. Whether its calling me "Dadey!" on the top of her lungs in the middle of flatbush or referring to my sorority sisters as "Gardening Sistas". Overall she is amazing, and right now I am in Germany with a stuffy nose and a congested chest and I really wish I had my mom her to make me some porridge or soup that would stick to my ribs and make me feel better. Love you, MOM

Next is my little sister, Tymala. Tymala is a BAD CHICK, she has this bootylicious body (putting my body to complete shame) physically she looks like the older sister. Anywhom she is 17 and has a twin brother. She has grown into such a beautiful young lady. I remember when she was elementry school and I was in highschool and I wanted her to be exactly like me. Like I would try to dress her and tell her to do her things MY way. I use to call her names and couldn't figure out why she would not do things my way. But what I didn't realize was she was listening and absorbing but she was finding own way---which amazed me. By the time it was time for her to highschool, I was going to college, I was so consumed with my college I kinda forgot about my sibilings--Not who they are but I didn't call them as often. After I got all my partying out my system and I went back to New York from time to time, my little sister was teenager with her own everything!! Like her own life, her own friends, her own clothing, her own handbags, and jewelry. I almost felt like she forgot about me, but what she did was she did everything I said just in her own way. Kinda like we reached the same destination we just took different forms of transportation to get there. LOVE YOU, Tymala

My BROOKLYN BITCHES!!!!! Linda, Salisa, Joy, Itisha and Alexia. These ladies are my closest highschool friends. Linda is my ace boogy---she is kind, smart and full of scriptures (lol). Salisa is my cook and my 2nd home--- she is loud, funny, and aggresive. Joy is my drinking partner and board game partner---she is impatient, rational and a great mother. Itisha is my street roaming companion with all the gossip--- she is competive, intelligent and annoying. Alexia is my travel buddy--- she is cute, messy and judgemental. All in all we are all very similar yet different. These women have seen all my stages from the cornrow braids to the payless boots. They always keep it real with their brutal honestly and their unrelentless humor. If you every seen the show Girlfriends we characterized ourselves--I am Tony (fashionista with drama), Salisa is Mya (ghetto family members even though she dont have the baby),  Linda is Joan (always wants peace and tries to keep us together) and Itisha is Lynn (horny freak). Alexia I guess has no choice but to be William. I can always count on these women and I think we are gonna be friends for a long time to come. Love my BB.

Now the Crew (lol). I got love for all the girlies I met through college. But these girls are one of THE MOST ENTERTAINING set of women I have ever came across in my life. Who knew that something sooo unintentional would stirr up the way it did. With them its always something. But the birthplace, the orgin of this group started where out beloved sorority was founded-----in DC. Flyness lives here. I can just hear Tiff sayin "we die for this shit, man" while twistin her fingers into the shape of a D and C, as Mullins laughs at the top of her lungs at Tiff and B who is bent over doing her infamous stanky leg. Along with Hips sayin "We Out", while Brit has a mysterious smirk on her face possibly thinkin about all the craziness that happens on our trip. PLus we got the best names hahaha, "It Aint Trickin' If You Got It", "Strong Black Woman....HURTIN", "Baby Mama Drama", "Side-line Hoe...with a Key", "In Denial", "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"---can you guess who has which name? Love my DC Crew.

Last but not least are the bitches who I just love to be around, or have great laughs with and we share the most memorable times. Yall know who yall are shout out to BBS---ShaDonna-Donna, Tyne-ne, Janae, Tara, Toya, Tamara, Erica Archer from Queens, NY, Quitta-Quitta; AKA---ALL THE ONES I BANG WIT (don't act like it ain't alot of us); Branch Beauties--Mone, Rukiya, Necca, Bree, Skittles, Diyah, Heaven, Kat; Dewey--Chrissy; VSU--Whit, Keya, Dede, Ash; Richmond--Kelly and much more.

"Oh, all you basic ass hoes out there
Man I got rooms full of bad bitches
They don't need Gucci, they don't need Louis
We swagging, ehh, meow"

I am in a room by myself, right now with a sore throat and a congested nose, but I got a room full of bad bitches, hope they read this---especially that tomorrow is the BIG 23 for me. Yup its MY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!!! It falls on a day where the weather is bad and I feel sick but I am happy its here!

Till I type again!