Sunday, September 18, 2011

Talk about Fate

Niggas ain't shit. Yup that may seem like a funny way to start this whole thing out but it is what it is. Please understand that when I say "niggas" I mean men. But best believe that is not the driving force of my blog. I just want to give you guys some background on how things came to be and how I ended up where I am writing from (no I am not in jail).

I attended Virginia State University (Go Trojans!) as a Hospitality Management Major, I graduated this year which is a year later then when I was suppose to graduate. I needed to complete my internship in order to walk across the stage. I was in a relationship with..hmmmm what should we call him?  Lol, lets use Pinoy because that what keeps popping into my head. ANYWHOM, Pinoy was having trouble finding a steady job that would blossom into a career, long story cut short he enlisted into the army and left for training in early Febuary. In case your wondering, Febuary made two years for Pinoy and I. As far as our relationship it was strained---badly. We were trying so hard to stay together we pushed each other further and further away.

While in training Pinoy kept on pushing marriage and that did not sit right with me--especially because we were always off and on, and our relationship was hanging on by a thread. Now I am not a person who jumps into a situation blind sided, so I repeatedly said No. He was far from my Prince Charming and I was far from forgiving him for his past mistakes. But I still supported him all the way from managing his bills to taking care of his dog, Ebony. I completely disagreed with his choice to enlist but I made it my duty as a girlfriend to support him all the way. Now you are probably wondering what this all has to do with me ending up where I am, right? Well be patient I am getting there!

Anywhom since I was rudely interrupted, in order to graduate I had to present my internship that I completed at the Omni Richmond Hotel. A representative from Edelweiss Lodges and Resorts was sitting in on my presentation and took interest in me. My professor advised that I interview with him,  the first thing I thought is "I am not going to Germany". While in the interview I was ill-prepared I did not have my resume. But I clearly blew him out of the water because he sent an email to my professor requesting for me to fill out an application.  So I decided to fill out the application all the while thinking that "I am not going to Germany".

While waiting on a response, Pinoy made his way back to  Virginia after graduating. We both rode back with his {foster} parents and had a great time. Well I was being bamboozeled the whole time. Supposedly while I was worried about our relationship,  he was keeping in contact with his ex-girlfriend. We got back form Georgia on Saturday, I went back to my apartment in which he said he would meet me, the next day. He never turned up on Sunday, thats how I knew something was wrong. Out of everything Pinoy was he had never been a liar. His words were blunt and harsh but never did he lie. Thats how I knew--yup--thats how I knew. I will never forget it was a Monday, he came into my apartment after I didn't hear from him, he was speaking irrationally and off the wall--then he layed it on me.He said it was over. Those words have been said plenty of times by the both of us but this time it was real. I could feel it. While I am in my bedroom crying my eyes out and asking him what can we do to fix this {even though I knew myself, this should have been done a LONG time ago}, I recieved an email.

I got an email stating "Having reviewed your application I would like to extend the offer for you to come to Germany". All I could do was cry and smile. I was crying out of  happiness, joy, and pain. That day has proven to me more then anything, that when one door closes another one opens. Well Pinoy went off to marry his ex-girlfriend a few weeks later, which hurt me really bad, but things were not meant to be. But everything worked out because now I am working for the military as a civilian in Germany, forfilling my dreams of traveling for a living. Oh yea, the secret is out I am in Germany. Think about it, what if I said yes to marrying him? Or what if I did not fill out that application? Wow, talk about fate.


  1. Love,love,love it.

    You told the story perfectly! <3

  2. Omg sis...YES, everything happens for a reason! My prayers are with you out in you -Tamika D.

  3. Well said!! I always said it was a great oppourtunity from the beginning!! God always had a plan for you and everything worked out the way he wanted it too. I miss u and i cant wait to visit sis!!

  4. Yes Mel!!
    This just might be my new favorite blog!!

    Love always

  5. I'm a fan, as always twin!!! Keep it coming!

  6. So glad you didn't say yes, but had you said yes that would have been the course that god wanted you to all is well.